Thai Boxing

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At The Chongi Academy, classes are top notch thanks to coaches who constantly train and research to bring you the ultimate in their area of expertise. The groups are never too large as there is a limited capacity, to ensure that you can still benefit from individual feedback during the session. Our coaches will offer constructive guidance, after thoughtful observation in class. This is done in a very informal, non intrusive way, with visual demonstration techniques.

Competition-class coaches (including former 4x world champion) with Head Coach and owner Mark Russell. Whichever session you take will always create a suitable training environment to ensure that your individual requirements are met, no matter what level of fitness or competency you may hold.

In return, as a member of Team Chongi, you are expected to turn up, train hard and reap the benefits of working out in a friendly environment – where opportunities will always be there to maximise your performance – with a lot of encouragement from the experienced coaching team and other team members.

Keeping Fit with discipline

We are all one big family.

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Thai Boxing

Many people are apprehensive at first questioning whether they are fit/flexible or ‘tough’ enough! This session is designed for those who have NO experience or haven’t had any regular training and would like to learn the basics of Thai Boxing (Muay Thai). The class is suitable for females and males from 14+ yrs.  It is an activity that will improve your fitness levels and develop your confidence while having fun and making new friends.
The class numbers are restricted to ensure you are individually monitored, so that the level of exercise is tailored according to one’s ability, endurance and performance. 

Thai Boxing

From age 14+ yrs, for the individuals who have a few years experience in training and want to push themselves further. For some this session is about the camaraderie and the challenge of constantly challenging themselves, for others it’s preparing themselves for competition. 

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